Welcome to Journal of Epileptology

Dear Readers and Authors,

In my capacity as Editor-in-Chief, I am pleased to announce that as of 2018 the Journal of Epileptology is available at Exeley.com

In addition, the archiving of issues published from 2013 to 2017 will occur, and thus all issues published in the current form of the Journal will become available on-line. However, the issues published quarterly under the journal’s earlier name of Epileptologia during 1993 to 2012 will be successively attached and publish on this website; nevertheless continuation of volume numeration will occur.

Under this open access model, content of the Journal primarily online is free to the readers, and the printed form can be subscribed. The double blind peer review process, electronic and paper form as well as style of references will remain unchanged.

It is well recognized that reference linking is the most significant benefit of electronic publishing for academic readers. Therefore, the Editor asks authors to make the references complete, correct and properly structured according to the Instructions for Authors.

We hope that by having a high quality scientific peer review process, the Journal of Epileptology will widen its readership within the international community of readers and authors that have an interest in various aspects of epilepsy.

In short, we will offer an open free access, a fast publication process and a friendly academic attitude. We invite all involved in the field of epilepsy (research or clinical practice) to visit our website regularly.

Jerzy Majkowski M.D., Ph.D.